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Kid by Bored? Know A Foreign Language? on 2004-08-20 08:23:31

1: http://www.oddcast.com/sitepal/demos/tts/frameset.php?frame1=talk
will be of interest. I got it off a message board where everyone was saying they'd given various profanities and such. I wasn't even tempted. I just liked laughing at foreigners, really.

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Re: Kid by Curse. on 2004-08-20 08:24:49  |  Reply to this
  Imagine getting the boxes the wrong way round. I don't have to imagine anymore
Re: Kid by Wash! on 2004-08-21 02:11:25  |  Reply to this
  WIcked! Much fun will be had with this later on! Have to go to work now, though! Tara!
Re: Kid by d.- on 2004-08-22 14:23:43  |  Reply to this
  -- how 'bout Esperanto?
Re: Re: Kid by Kid on 2004-08-25 02:11:05  |  Reply to this
  You could combine different words of each language to form esperanto....

I'm just upset it didn't have Japanese. That would be cool. They can't have two contoid sounds together. (In layman's terms, that means that 'spitfire' becomes 'sa-pi-ta-fi-ya' - note, that is a rough approximation and is only truly the case of the Japanese language before the countries post-WWII-growth. It does allow really good impressions of the teacher in Back To The Future. Oh, and if you want proof of my contoid thing, think of Japanese names. I'm not being in anyway prejudiced here, the Japanese would find it just as amusing to hear English-speakers pronouncing Japanese words).

Man, I hate Portugal. It made me put a 3 line disclaimer in a harmless 'fun' topic.