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hlgpepdkch by hlgpepdkch on 2013-05-13 18:12:47

Showing tremendous enthusiasm, 23 Lian Sheng! MiamiShowing tremendous enthusiasmThe team just underwent an acid test, guest occasion is Bostonian to dead correctKaierte personTeam, full-court of team of showing tremendous enthusiasm is passive, still depend on finally neverthelessZhanmusiget the upper hand of one ball with 105 than reach a standard of 103 experience risk, lian Sheng showing number expands to 23. Win by right of this field, team of showing tremendous enthusiasm surmounts 2007-2008 sports season cease Si DuiRocketTeam, grasp have NBA history the 2nd long Liansheng record. If want to exceed los angelesLake personThe 33 Liansheng records that the team achieves in 1971-1972 sports season, team of showing tremendous enthusiasm still needs to win 11 again at least. This field match is to go up the continuance of final of sports season the eastpart part, taking 22 Lian Sheng's showing tremendous enthusiasm to encounter advocate 11 triumphant Er of Lian Sheng are special person, and team of showing tremendous enthusiasm had encountered groovy competition on this field 10 be defeated repeatedly, this match is destined is not ordinary one battle. General of Jianeite be short of blast to Kaierte person group is affected many, after crossing begin " green unlined upper garment army " harvested a surprise, lin Ben field makes case of forward Jeff exceptionally good position, the advantage that first [url=http://www.palmexpo.in/cheapnikeshoes.aspx]nike for cheap[/url] half takes host team of 26 minutes of helps to be being taken 6 minutes alone is entered in rest. Situation of whole first half keep a firm hand on is in " green unlined upper garment army " in the hand, most a long time ever preceded team of showing tremendous enthusiasm 17 minutes, the champion that defend crown depends on the 2nd end only paragraph small climax will divide difference to narrow a digit. The position of team of fire of postheat of begin of the second half is good, chase after score inside two minutes of Zhong Zhi smooth. Nevertheless person group did not abandon Kaierte, pierce and match well of case forest double sword, pull open cent difference once more when this part ends. Minor details both sides enters decisive battle, of red of tall of person group support overcomes Kaierte 3 minutes of balls are in tall difficulty of Laofude when space race end still has 8 minutes of 26 seconds, need branch expand into 13 minutes, team of showing tremendous enthusiasm already be driven to the last ditch, the champion defending crown that fight with one's back to the river-fight to win or die places the hope once more was in Zhanmusi on the body, "Zhan Huang " not negative people's expectations, directed with 4 minutes only 13 than the aggression climax of 3, difference of two teams cent is narrow for 3 minutes. 3 minutes of both sides are attacked finally prevent enter turn white-hot, feel is fervent a whole Glyn missed to go up at ordinary times in bilateral battle basket, the middle distance that did not seal Zhanmusi again in after this jumps cast, "Zhan Huang " remnant is returned in the match obtained for team of showing tremendous enthusiasm when 10 seconds 105 than the advantage of 103. Hold advantageous position having a ball " green unlined upper garment army " carry out by Pierce last cast, but in a way of his 3 minutes of balls slants piece, kaierte person group is helpless get down lost battle. The Zhanmuside of team of showing tremendous enthusiasm arrived 7 37 cent, backboard and 12 secondary attack, chaermosi gets entire line the 2nd 21 tall minutes, weidegong presents 7 17 cent, backboard and 6 secondary attack. Teams of 23 showing tremendous enthusiasm continue to rank completely allied military successes to rank the place of head of a list of names posted up.

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