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parent: Wash Is Gone, Man

Re: Wash Is Gone, Man by WASH! on 2004-09-28 03:39:42

Hola todos!!! Ive found a place really near my appartment with free internet access if you have this youth card, so worry not, Ill still be a regular potatoer!
My parents left just a couple of hours ago, so it seems like the holiday period is over, and now the real spanish life is about to begin.
This place is awesome!! There used to be one really narrow street i used to love in Canterbury which looked on to the Cathedral! Here, there are about 100 of those streets, and im living right in amongst it all! Its just gorgeous!
Apparently it rains as in England here, but we havent had one cloud since i arrived in Madrid almost a week ago, and its been a steady 32C all week! Quite a contrast to the 4C greeting i got in my French town 2 years ago!!!
My appartment is an 8 bedroom 4 bathroom 1 kitchen 1 living room 3 story house, with 6 bar/cafes within 50m from my front door. The impressive cathedral is just 3 minutes walk away, as is the main going-out area of the old town. Ive one housemate so far, a German girl, but 6 others are due to come at the weekend, i imagine all spanish.
A couple of days ago we went to the town where ill be working. Its a small town, on the mouth of the estuary, and there are 2 beaches very near. Its a really nice town, but quiet, and so i definitely made the right choice in commuting in 4 days a week. It also means i have my freedom here, far away from the school kids!
Right, im going to go write some emails, and then go eat! Sorry i missed your call the other day Kid! Use my Spanish mobile, as my English one will just stay in my room all day.
More soon, Wash!

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Re: Re: Wash Is Gone, Man by JohnnyG on 2004-09-28 22:50:13  |  Reply to this
  En suma, como es el hispano? Individualista encima de todo, no le importan realmente al hispano las distinciones sociales. Cada uno es hijo de sus obras, dice. El individuo vale por lo que es, no por lo que tiene. Que mas podemos decir acerca del hispano? Juan in Tejas