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maxvdahfo]v]b]z by maxvdahfo]v]b]z on 2013-06-07 09:28:33

Believe lan cheng:Handling end of male basket of which group of not important china personally is champion Sport netdispatch is occupied"Xi'an daily"Report, the 25th male lan yajin surpasses ballot ceremony to was held in tianjin yesterday, chinese male basket is divided into c group, with of the group still many breath out qatar of asia game runner-Up team of team, kazakstan si tan and indian team.Be worth what carry is, the foot hurts what did not healyao mingwill fixed without the predestined relationship current inferior bright and beautiful contest, and wang zhi mosts, yi jianlian and sun yue [URL=http://lpre.cperi.certh.gr/airmax2011.aspx]air max 2011 cheap[/URL] hopeful appears in inferior on the competition ground of bright and beautiful contest. Current inferior bright and beautiful contest will be held in tianjin on august 16 at will coming on august 6, before the row 3 team will obtain what world bright and beautiful surpasses next year turkey to take part in the match qualification. Current inferior bright and beautiful contest, chinese team fights in door mouth, chinese basket assist director of center of canal of vice-Chairman, basket believes lan cheng to express clearly yesterday:We this target basically is champion, accordingly, it group contest manages which group personally is not important that group contest manages which group personally.From the point of current condition, the group of the only death in group contest is a group, korea team, japan team, philippine team and sri lanka group should include in the group.Chinese male basket confronts lebanon group very likely in semifinals and escape iran team, if everything is successful, finals will be in china spread out between male basket and team of iran of the champion that defend crown.Inferior bright and beautiful contest gains the championship, this is guo shijiang takes office as chinese male basket advocate shuai zhichu already struck decided short-Term target.Current, chinese male basket is coulding there be assemble for training of wave north logical sequence, and the yi jianlian that still did not report for duty to team will be absent the warm up contest june 28, and ning bo arrives after just carrying off along with lake person group the sun yue of nba total champion is answering heibei visit one's family. (Reporter jin peng)

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