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parent: God Bless President Bush

Re: God Bless President Bush by Sheepwash on 2004-11-07 12:27:05

Hey, this is some sort of trick isn’t? We’re supposed to be like all “No he sucks.” Then you’re all “Oh no he doesn’t.” Then someone else is “No, really, he sucks.” Then someone else is like “No you don’t understand because I’m his sister’s niece’s second cousin’s girlfriend.” Then someone else is like all “No I’m his girlfriend.” Then somebody else is all “Well your stupid and don’t understand because you’re British.” Then you’re like “I’m not British, I’m from Greenland.” Then someone is all “Well people from Greenland suck.” No, no, no, not answering this one it will get too messy, not falling for that trap…Oh, wait I guess I did just respond to it. Oh, well, please disregard the last message and people from Greenland generally don’t suck.

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Re: Re: God Bless President Bush by Kid on 2004-11-07 15:20:34  |  Reply to this
  No! God no! Have people learned nothing from the Portugal fiasco. I'll have to take emergency preventative action.... *tuts a little*