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parent: Foster Caffrey

Re: Foster Caffrey by Wash! on 2005-01-07 05:15:17

Had a really weird dream, involving Foster Caffrey, last night. He went to our school, but had gone missing, and the reward for his body was 1 billion dollars. Me and Kid were jokingn aboutit, as we thought it was just another "Foster Caffrey prank". But our old French teacher, (the one with the gruff voice), informed us that it was not funny at all, and that serious questions were being raised concerning his well-being. Sure enough, later on in the dream, we found his corpse, but on taking it to the police station, we were laughed at. Looking at the corpse, we realised it did resemble the photos weŽd seen of Foster, but it was actually a blow up Caffrey, with a glued on face. We felt foolish, understandably, left the corpse in the police station, andmade our way casually out of the place. Someone later in the dream mentioned the infamous Tom Deacon, and for the rest of the night, i could NOT bring to mind Foster Caffrey's name. I have only come on PDC to finally find out the name i've been searching at the back of my mind for the past, ooh, 12 hours. Sorry for sharing this with you. hope it was the right thing to do...!

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