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Hip Hypocrites by I.D on 2005-01-15 02:37:40

Most of the outrage I've lisented to about prince Harry dressing-up as a Nazi has been a sickening display of fake concern,fake emotions and fake tears.Dressing-up as a nazi for a private fancy dress party is not a crime,it is not wrong,I do not even consider it to be in poor taste.dressing-up as a Nazi or a member of the Ku Klux Klan or other vile figures at a fancy dress party has become a tradition in Britten. Whether or not that particular tradtiton shoud be considered to be a crime or wrong or in bad taste is another matter. Fredie starr was a mainestream comic who was famed for his take-off of Hitter.some people find it fashionable to suck on the bones of the dead.

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