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parent: what is this place?

Re: what is this place? by shlong on 1999-10-17 20:23:38

this place, if you are refering to me at this particular moment is space and time, is a small maths computer room name W16 in which many people spend most of there time in the sixth form just tossing about and generally waisting time. The room is situated in a relatively knew building wich contains the majority of maths and english departments, english downstairs, maths upstairs. There is also a library upstairs which is often another place to just bum around and terrorise the small people. most importantly there is the sixth form common room where i often spend monday morning half dazed trying to recover from the weekends heavy sessions of beer drinking and insanly insane dancing. I hope this answers your question and gives you all a better perspective as to mine and locos environment.

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