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Topic? by Kid on 2005-05-05 09:57:13

Anyone want one?

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Re: Topic? by d.- on 2005-05-07 12:42:10  |  Reply to this
  please sir, I want more...
Re: Re: Topic? by Kid on 2005-05-08 02:52:07  |  Reply to this
  There was an equals sign here the other day, so I tested it with a topic called Topic. I was going to call it something stupid, with a stupid comment, and I'm dashed glad I didn't now.
Re: Topic? by Wash! on 2005-05-09 02:31:20  |  Reply to this
  Tommie, and others, theres a link to my blog on Kid's, in the entry about him crappin' his pants -- or not as the case will be (which i am in full support of, for the very reasons he mentioned!)
Re: Re: Topic? by tommie on 2005-05-09 08:30:57  |  Reply to this
  Got it!
Re: Re: Re: Topic? by WasH! on 2005-05-09 11:00:00  |  Reply to this
  Cheers, tommie! Oh, and yes, she is my squeeze!!
Re: Topic? by Kid on 2005-05-10 08:10:23  |  Reply to this
  Here he is. Avoiding the same rude disfigurement that a lot of other topics have had.
Re: Re: Topic? by Kid on 2005-05-10 10:14:11  |  Reply to this
  And again.
Re: Re: Re: Topic? by Kid on 2005-05-10 11:48:37  |  Reply to this
  Encore un fois, he says feeling like he's trapped in a mythical purgatory.