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parent: Expolision in Messages

Re: Expolision in Messages by Tetra Grammaton on 1999-10-22 13:16:23

Speak for yourself. The purpose of this page is... well, OK, it doesn't really have a purpose, except to kill time kind of. But still, it's a message board, it was made for messages. As long as they're not juvenile drivel along the lines of "BING! BING! BING IS THE KING!", it's all copacetic with me.

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Re: Re: Expolision in Messages by schlemiel on 1999-10-22 23:08:11  |  Reply to this
  tater! tater! tater see ya later!
Re: Re: Expolision in Messages by Amelia on 2001-11-29 09:58:39  |  Reply to this
  Man, you just had to bring BING back up, didn't you?