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Worm Nerd 2? by Brock on 2005-06-03 02:12:48

Fellow people with removable lips, noses and eyeballs that secretly hide away into our butts: I'm very interested in creating another worm-nerd type random thingy on my domain, but I have no clue how to do it. Furthermore, I havn't got the time to learn it. I'm going to school soon in Toronto (better now than never, right?) and I am about to go into so much debt that it is just unhealthy... So... Now that I've mentioned two entirely unrelated things, I'd appriciate it if our Starchy leader could facilitate such information as to allow me to build randomly generating forum of lunacy be able.

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Re: Worm Nerd 2? by Brock on 2010-03-12 08:04:53  |  Reply to this
  Silly, but no, really.