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mid life crisis: the story of an emo-boy by Brock on 1999-08-03 08:59:05

old people are nice. :) But i don't always understand what they're saying. I'm nurrotic and i've hade many a mid-life crisis. i'm better now. collapse into my limit?

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Re: mid life crisis: the story of an emo-boy by Xeno Jr. on 1999-08-05 06:52:47  |  Reply to this
  To say you've had "many a mid-life crisis" implies that you've hit "mid-life" many times. Are you just adjusting your expected lifespan up each time? That's kind of cheating.
cheating death by Brock-inch-B-L on 1999-08-05 11:29:04  |  Reply to this
  modern science... it's the wave of the future... actually, for some morbid reason i don't see myself living long... which makes me both EXTRA careful & EXTRA boring. Isn't it a bit comforting to say you're at 'mid life' every day? i mean... at least this way, i'll end up being 40 and blowing some kind of valve while chomping on a fatty piece of baccon. (eew.) i like turkey baccon. i PREFER turkey baccon over regular pig baccon... think they'll ever make, say... fish baccon? dog baccon? kevin baccon?