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Dear Santa Claus.... by Amelia on 1999-12-04 23:06:58

It's time for Christmas wish lists!

I have two lists: The fantasy list, and the list of things I might actually get.

In my fantasy list, I want a new G4 with all the multimedia goodies, and while I am at it, a winter vacation in Brazil.

In my real list, I want some more RAM for my old computer, and tickets to see Kiss Me Kate here on Broadway.

What do you want Santa to put in your stocking?

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Re: Dear Santa Claus.... by Washington Potatoe Skins on 1999-12-05 07:20:04  |  Reply to this
  I dont have a clue, but whatever anyone buys me will do nicely. I havent even started buying any presents yet!
Re: Dear Santa Claus.... by E68 on 1999-12-08 19:18:11  |  Reply to this
  I just want shedloads of money so I can buy stuff.
Re: Dear Santa Claus.... by teena on 1999-12-09 06:20:12  |  Reply to this
  more time to sleep and think about life.....ahem and answers to all the big questions.
Re: Dear Santa Claus.... by Tetra Grammaton on 1999-12-09 09:06:18  |  Reply to this
  A live-in maid? Naah, apartment's too small. OK, an Irish passport, a Eurail pass, and an American Express card that someone else pays.
Re: Dear Santa Claus.... by shlong on 1999-12-09 22:05:41  |  Reply to this
  a 30million jet would be nice
Re: Dear Santa Claus.... by tommie on 1999-12-12 14:34:51  |  Reply to this
  I would like normal serotonin levels.
Re: Dear Santa Claus.... by Horny Dude on 2002-08-19 17:40:43  |  Reply to this
  World piece!
Re: Dear Santa Claus.... by Kid, on 2002-08-20 15:34:41  |  Reply to this
  World piece like Bolivia? or a whole plate? And where would you put it?