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parent: If you could forget anything...........

Re: If you could forget anything........... by Amelia on 1999-12-23 15:05:47

I already forgot it. It was my favorite umbrella, and I forgot it on the T in Boston when I was on a business trip during Hurricane Floyd and the weather was all wet and blustery and the T was all crowded and damp.

It was a purple umbrella with a duck's head for the handle. The duck had a sneaky effect of making even very grumpy people smile. I found a similar umbrella in red, but it is not a true a replacement. I wish I could forget the umbrella that I forgot.

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Umbrella's, My grandad, Where is this going? by Singing the Blues on 2000-01-04 20:09:19  |  Reply to this
  My Grandpapa has a similar umbrella, and it does make the terminally depressed happy. I feel for you, truly. (BTW, his is blue)