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parent: Fun With Potatoes!

Re: Fun With Potatoes! by YXL-PLK The Demented One on 1999-12-28 20:00:47

I thought Cape Breton was a weird place to live. Man (or woman) wherever you live they must have a potatoe pancake cult and make you attend the meetings every weeknight. You are one hurtin unit you know that don't ya! On a lighter note Cars have a special hole just the right size to fit a potatoe in, usually in the rear of the car under the bumper somewhere. It's called the exaust pipe. Try stuffin in a dozen of them and sit by inocently till the owner starts the car. Hey get in and go for the ride it's gonna be interesting. Did you also hear about the new mutated potatoes? They not only have eyes and skin but they move and talk! Y D O

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