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The B-grade movie as a vital part of our culture today by aan'mera'dovienya on 2000-02-10 21:15:21

Who else agrees that the dodgy B-grade sci-fi movie is one of the greatest, most entertaining mediums around? There should be more of them made. Screw the horror flicks and other "serious" movies. All ahead the bad special effects and titles like "Killer Hamsters from Outer Space!!!!!" We should raise our collective voice (Resitance is Futile!) and send out the cry - "We want B-grade!"

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Re: The B-grade movie as a vital part of our culture today by Amelia on 2000-02-11 06:19:12  |  Reply to this
  The low-budget ones are certainly more entertaining than the big-time stuff from the name studios. I have seldom seen a more pretentious yet derivative piece of recycled junk than The Matrix. There was not a single idea in that movie that did not come from some other film. Even the Hong Kong-style fighting was pretty ho-hum.Yet this picture is acclaimed and discussed as thought it were the Blade Runner of its generation. I sincerely hope it is not.
Re: The B-grade movie as a vital part of our culture today by Sugoi on 2000-02-11 21:10:48  |  Reply to this
  Oh, I agree completely. Being a big film buff, (We're fortunate to have a great film club around here) I've come to the conclusion that (generally speaking) a film's originality is inversely proportional to it's budget. I am very excited about what movies filmed with relatively inexpensive digial cameras could do for the industry- Independent film makers will no longer be so pressed for resources, and thus should be able to take more risks, trying ideas that would have been too difficult to fund in the past. Just my 2 cents. (This opinion shamelessly stolen from an Article in Newsweek)