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parent: I know why as well, Nanananah!

Re: I know why as well, Nanananah! by Tetra Grammaton on 2000-03-10 21:50:42

Except you call them 'mobiles' and we call them 'cell phones'.

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Re: Re: I know why as well, Nanananah! by Amelia on 2000-03-11 05:51:44  |  Reply to this
  Well I actually, I have been trying to move back to calling them "mobile phones" here, too, since the good ones are digital.
Of course, the overarching name for the communications technology is "wireless", which I always thought of as a quaint English term for "radio". It makes sense for the phones, because once they required wires and now they don't. It makes no sense to me for the radio, since wired technologies (telegraph and telephone) did not deliver anything like the kind of functions radio gives.
Then again, there is "TV" vs. "telly", a technology that used to be wireless and now is mostly cable. What goes around comes around, I guess.
Re: Re: Re: I know why as well, Nanananah! by Washington on 2000-03-13 01:55:58  |  Reply to this
  I have a question, Loco: Zuchinis and courgettes ? How and Why are these different. I mean, its only a veggi, for shits sake!
Re: Re: Re: Re: I know why as well, Nanananah! by Amelia on 2000-03-13 03:12:23  |  Reply to this
  Not different at all. Zucchini is to courgette as Eggplant is to aubergine. But I have never completely grasped what a "vegetable marrow" is.
Marrow by Kid Loco on 2000-03-14 05:54:10  |  Reply to this
  Its like a big courgette. As far as I know, with a soft middle and a hard ring inside. Uuuugh! Not nice.