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  A Bus Trip Sets The Tone

30 March 1999

3:43 PM: Ooooh.... burn. I'm so cranky, I really should be quiet until later, when I get all punch-drunk and sleepy. I just wanted to come on and mention that today's Snack! was deeply wrong: Dolphin & Friends. "No, No, Don't eat me! I'm an intelligent mammal like yourself! Heeeelllppp!" Actually, it's kind of fun. But still wrong.

5:16: Oh yeah. Here we are. Three hours of sleep and a Quarter Pounder with Greez©. I'm drooling into the keyboard. This script is borken all over the place because I saw something I wanted to change and woke up about 10 minutes later, typing the whole time. I can't even open the wrapping on this stupid Clif Bar. Wow. These things really do look like animal turds, don't they? Mmmmmmmmm. I can see why they're popular.

I try to come in early one day a week. Just one, and only to go to a specific meeting. And every time so far, that's just when MUNI breaks down. In all ways, too, I discovered; buses mysteriously seize up, when they bother to show up at all. The good side of all this bother is powerful motivation to get my bike checked out for damage and get back on it. At least then I would be in control of how long it takes me to get here.

Mooooooooo. Nap now. Stupid work. Stupid junk mail.

Oh!!!!! I almost forgot:


Their software can't add, their help doesn't, their customer support staff is obtuse and uninformed, their management are goons. I was only trying to file a 1040EZ, for God's sakes, and both it and the state form are completely bollixed up now. Remember, like Yul Brynner said, "I'm dead. Don't smoke." Uh, which in this context, would mean "Don't use SecureTax."

New movie coming, did you see? King & I remake. Whoa, how did they know how badly we needed that? Geniuses. Jodie Foster is Anna. And Chow. Yun. Fat. is. The King. Of Siam. The mind reels, but the fish gets away.

Hi. Can I go home now? Want a raisin? Mmmm, hand-aged desk food.

6:03: Guh, Igor tyepp good!

Go read this and laugh:

Hacker with bullhorn: "Save your money! Accept one of our free tanks! It is invulnerable, and can drive across rocks and swamps at ninety miles an hour while getting a hundred miles to the gallon!"
(PS - it's not really about tanks.) (PPS - it's also here.)

Willfully blind self-indulgent nebbish or amusingly quirky old coot? And how bout that local sports team? Discuss among yourselves.

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