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Today's word is CALCIFIED

You know the rules. Enter your submission and push the button. Then go talk amongst yourselves.

PS: OK, no, seriously, this time, I think it's better.
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Some Past Entries

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As Somalia Turns Out, Unruly Nerds Destroy Sam. (A. Strange Person)

Judges understand: dogs get excited. (S., more of a cat person, really)

Little evil elves liberate a hippo
little evil elves liberate a hippo (petra L)

Rora ate tiny turtle like eggs (Sir bucket)

Mister Oblivious Nuked Iraq quite unintentionally. Ehehehe. (Sir buckets assistant)

Republicans elect senators preferring only nubile, submissive elementary schoolers. (S. be disgusted, yo)
Risque entries seem popular online nowadays; some extraordinarily so. (S.)
Resume editing sucks pretty outrageously. Nobody should experience suffering. (S., victim of HR)

Two Afro Dudes Internally Oxidized (Sir bucket)

Milk another wombat, kale is super hot. (fackwud)

Annoying Moms Attacked Senior Students Eating Dick (Eat the McFucker)
A Massive Ass Sat Stretched Enveloping Dick (I am horrible)
A Monstrous Animal Skewered Sir Edward Dawn (Sir Bucket (Currently Battling flying narwhals to find who killed his friend))
AI MLIKE ATRAINS S S E D (The “I Like Trains Kid”)

Rural Idiots Take Unruly Animals, Lacerating slowly... (Evil Side of Sir Bucket)
Riding intelligent tigers underneath American losers seriously (Sir Buckets friend)
Riding invisible testicles upon all living species (Eat The McFucker)

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