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parent: 20th Century. Lets Reminisce.

My Vote by Kid Loco on 2000-05-16 09:21:56

1. Harold Wilson (English Prime Minister 1960's-ish) England's boom-time this century, brought (partly) about by the man from Huddersfield (where I am from). Mr. Wilson it is. 2. Walt Disney - Has had an immense and long lasting effect, not just on the film world, and the cartoon world, but in society too. 3. Muhammed Ali - Not only did he have a great mind, but he spoke what it thought too. And he was probably the most superior man from the rest of their competitors ever. 4. I can't decide. I think Martin Luther King. Everyone knows of him, his work, THAT speech, but I can't help feel that his work (wonderful and inspiring) is sometimes ignored. 5. Neil Armstrong - However I feel about this I can't really deny that to propel a man to the moon was a wonderful acheivement. Armstrong probably isn't the right person, but seeing as he has claimed all the credit so far, I know no different. I've an interesting and apparently true Neil Armstrong story which I will tell soon.

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