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parent: 20th Century. Lets Reminisce.

Re: 20th Century. Lets Reminisce. by Wash! on 2000-05-17 05:44:47

Heres my list: 1. Winston, good kid (aparently, I dunno, I wasn’t around at that time) 2. Louise Nurding, gorgeous solo artist 3. Jennifer Aniston, beautiful actress! 4. Change? Dunno much history, so ill go with that dude who had a dream. 5. Des Lynam, Brisitsh sports presenter. Des Lynam is god!

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Re: Re: 20th Century. Lets Reminisce. by Kid Loco on 2000-05-17 08:18:39  |  Reply to this
  Right. 1. Winston Churchill, fair enough each to his own. 2. I was kinda hoping for creative people. 3. Jennifer Aniston is little more than an ornament, and hasn't really entertained more than a hormonally charged teenage population. 4. Martin Luther King - You might wanna know a little more about him really. 5. Well, on the BBC.....
Re: Re: Re: 20th Century. Lets Reminisce. by Wash! on 2000-05-17 15:00:36  |  Reply to this
  OK. 1. Resolved 2. Alright. Louise isnt too creative, so Ill choose Nwankwo Kanu as my creative guy. 3. Jennifer isnt much more than an ornament? Whats your point? 4. Martin had a dream bout racial equality. See. I isnt too dumb is I? 5. Des Lynam is god...*Hmmm*...everybody knows that!