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Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-08-26 01:59:39

I have a site.... but it's not very good. it's never updated, but here you are.... http://members.xoom.com/helixorbit

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Re: Web Page de Brock by Amelia on 1999-08-26 23:07:20  |  Reply to this
  Um, Brock, it's a black page with a wavy gray line down the middle. The source code says it has links, but I can't see anything.
Does this represent your existential anguish and despair? If so, can you get some of the drugs our esteemed host has been writing about?
It's might gloomy over there.
Re: Re: Web Page de Brock by Allison on 1999-08-27 04:22:47  |  Reply to this
  it must be viewed in MSIE.

netscape is evil.

Re: Re: Re: Web Page de Brock by Bill Gates on 1999-08-27 05:57:12  |  Reply to this
  Gimme a break! I'm evil too!!