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Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-08-16 13:36:04

Well, i went and saw my girl from toronto. I'm back. I'm in love. Here's her site: http://www.glittergrrrl.com/alli yay! she's so perfect. :)

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Re: Journal de la Brock by Rocket J. Squirrel on 1999-08-17 08:16:01  |  Reply to this
  That sounds nice. The site is keen. But, Brock... Toronto? Doesn't that make her, well... you know?
Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-08-18 12:01:43  |  Reply to this
  Well, yes... she's a communist, but it's okay. i'm going to convert her! mwahahaha! have you ever noticed that all commercial places in canada somehow have the maple leaf emblem interwoven into the store's logo or name? Arby's apostrophy is a leaf... Mr. Sub's '.' is a leaf. everything over there.... it's like that. it's communist.
Re: Journal de la Brock by tommie on 1999-08-17 13:39:11  |  Reply to this
  So Brock... what's your next move in this relationship? If you're concerned about prejudices (ie, above) you could move down here to Alabama.
Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-08-18 12:04:19  |  Reply to this
  immediate goals: tough out the distance. short term goals: move closer together. long term goals: celebrate valentine's day 2041 with her.
Re: Re: Re: Allison by [no name] on 1999-08-18 21:41:46  |  Reply to this
  So are your really "Darren", I hope?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Allison by allison on 1999-08-18 23:53:17  |  Reply to this
  heh. no he's not darren. darren's my other friend from michigan. that is all.. mmm brock :) i have to go to work. take care.
Re: Re: Re: above by tommie on 1999-08-18 21:43:25  |  Reply to this
  Oops. 'Scuse the anonymity. The above's from me.
Re: Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Old Fart on 1999-08-20 11:29:00  |  Reply to this
  2041? oy. i'll be 82.
Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-08-22 00:02:18  |  Reply to this
  I'll be 60 something... help. *wimper*
Re: Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-08-22 00:07:09  |  Reply to this
  Uh oh... I didn't get 3 days off work.... 3 days that were supposed to be spend with my favorite girl in the entire world! The girl I looooove. This isn't good.... Anyone out there in some high ranking military position that would somehow enable me to leave work without loosing my job and travel to toronto, all expences paid, for a yet unknown durration of time??? I'm sure there's SOMEONE out there that can help. (*ahem* hitmen for hire?) B A SNECH! Be a Sneech! All the sneeches on the beaches had stars upon thars!
Re: Journal de la Brock by fox in socks on 1999-08-22 00:45:39  |  Reply to this
  chicks with bricks come chicks with blocks come chicks with bricks and blocks and clocks come
Re: Journal de la Brock by fox in socks on 1999-08-22 00:45:46  |  Reply to this
  chicks with bricks come chicks with blocks come chicks with bricks and blocks and clocks come
Re: Journal de la Brock by Belated Commentator on 1999-08-24 14:06:18  |  Reply to this

She is a lovely girl and has a great-looking site, but I could not help noticing the absence of any photos labled "Brock" there. This is not a slam, just a little reality check. Is she as gone on you as you seem to be on her?
Good luck, but keep your eyes open.

Old Enough to Be Your Mom and Full of the Same Unsolicited Advice
Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Allison on 1999-08-24 14:21:42  |  Reply to this
  yes, I adore brock. he means so much to me. I just haven't had a chance to add him to my page.. I'm redesigning at the moment. work has been keeping me occupied. ugh.
besides, I have to take some pictures of brock the next time I see him... hmmm. right brock? ;)

ahhh... that is all.. for now.
Re: Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by ummm, ah, excuse me, but... on 1999-08-25 12:00:13  |  Reply to this
  Wasn't he just up there for a while? That seems like it would have been the perfect time to take those pictures...
Re: Re: Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Allison on 1999-08-25 14:12:58  |  Reply to this
  brock is camera shy.

believe me, i tried. he promised me he would let me take some the next time i saw him..


Re: Re: Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-08-26 01:58:22  |  Reply to this
  we were busy.... too busy to take pictures. :)

Re: Journal de la Brock by Holy Mary Mother of God on 1999-08-24 22:01:51  |  Reply to this
  Mr. Brock, what do you have to say? Do you have your own site? I share the concerns of the Belated Commentator... this young lady speaks well of you here, but up there in Canada.... I dunno...
Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-08-26 01:59:39  |  Reply to this
  I have a site.... but it's not very good. it's never updated, but here you are.... http://members.xoom.com/helixorbit
Re: Web Page de Brock by Amelia on 1999-08-26 23:07:20  |  Reply to this
  Um, Brock, it's a black page with a wavy gray line down the middle. The source code says it has links, but I can't see anything.
Does this represent your existential anguish and despair? If so, can you get some of the drugs our esteemed host has been writing about?
It's might gloomy over there.
Re: Re: Web Page de Brock by Allison on 1999-08-27 04:22:47  |  Reply to this
  it must be viewed in MSIE.

netscape is evil.

Re: Re: Re: Web Page de Brock by Bill Gates on 1999-08-27 05:57:12  |  Reply to this
  Gimme a break! I'm evil too!!

Re: Journal de la Brock by Macmillan Publishing Co. on 1999-08-26 12:03:31  |  Reply to this
  This is turning out to be a... well... marketable story!
Re: Journal de la Brock by Oh, don't make me sick! on 1999-08-26 13:45:54  |  Reply to this
  I'm canceling my subscription to the Enquirer.
Second visit by Brock on 1999-08-27 21:47:58  |  Reply to this
  I didn't tell you about my visit to see allison on tuesday. It's a good 6 hours there and back, and i did it in a day because i didn't get my vacation days as schedualed. I made it to her home... she was at work. I met her entire family, and i didn't get to see her. I drove home. *pout here* the 1st and the 2nd we will be meeting up in london. more reports as they come in.
Allison has no equivilant tommie! by Brock on 1999-08-28 13:59:23  |  Reply to this
  oh, today was horrible. horrible. I was tired, as i am now, and i got into work. My schedual doesn't and apparently can't be changed to allow for me to have the 1st and 2nd off work. I left work at 2 today so i wouldn't get overtime, because my manager is just... not good at management. go figure. i've felt horrible all day... i want to see my girly friend. I got off work and i went back into our photo department and i stared at the schedual for what seemed like a good hour, trying to jugle people around, but each attempt/suggestion was shot down immediately. i need to curl up around allison, or visa versa.
Re: Allison has no equivilant tommie! by let's go to plan "b" here! on 1999-08-28 15:25:44  |  Reply to this
  don't be so hard on yourself! i can't even juggle oranges, much less people! hey, this may sound radical, but maybe allison could go to michigan to see you. or maybe you two could meet halfway somewhere. if, plan "b" won't work, maybe some of our pals out there can suggest a plan "c"!?
Re: Allison has no equivilant tommie! by tommie on 1999-08-28 15:27:43  |  Reply to this
  oh, yeah... the above's by me!
Re: Journal de la Brock by BROCK! on 1999-09-01 08:56:05  |  Reply to this
  i'm going to see allison friday saturday and sunday!!! oh boy oh boy oh boy! :)
Re: Journal de la Brock by tommie on 1999-09-01 10:42:49  |  Reply to this
  OK. But, if there are no pictures of you on her webpage by next week, judgements will be passed!
Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by Brock on 1999-09-02 21:41:26  |  Reply to this
  i'm bringing 2 cameras. 2. i'm happy. yay. the house is a mess... this is so clasic... awww.. her dad's a dentist, and mine is a shop worker. she's from the city, and i'm from the country, she's a girl, and i'm a boy. it's so nutty. maybe a hallmark movie in the making. i have yellow shag carpeting in my basement... eew... blah. i must ready myself for the workplace. there will be pictures on her site i'm sure, and on mine as well...
Re: Re: Journal de la Brock by tommie on 1999-09-02 22:00:24  |  Reply to this
  i hope you have a wonderful trip, brock. ah, to be so young and full of hormones...
Allison was here... by Brock on 1999-09-04 06:07:09  |  Reply to this
  I stayed home. Allison visited me... it was so great... I'll elaborate. Friday, 9:00- I punch into work, and i'm extreamly tired for whatever reason, talking on the phone/not sleeping/not eating. I get the rare sensation of lightheadedness from being malnurished (sp?)... anyway. I'm hoping... hoping hoping hoping allison will be able to come and visit. She's able. She came into work, and i just.... blah... i couldn't believe she was standing right there. My first instinct was to jump... nay... leap, NAY! BOUND over the counter top and tackle her.... alas... i was the only one in the one-hour-photo joint, and therefore unable to go on lunch... until... a co-worker came in... i met with allison by our grocery carts... *awwwW* i didn't touch her for the longest time... i was on the clock, it probably wouldn't have looked too good. so i clocked out and we had a romantic stroll through the automotive department... yada yada yada, we went outside the store found some shade, and spent 30 minutes having fun. :) my parents are home.
Allison was here (part II) by Brock on 1999-09-04 13:40:26  |  Reply to this
  it was a perfect day... aside from allison having to go prematurely... aside from bad photos. i'm in love.
Re: Allison was here by Amelia on 1999-09-04 13:53:42  |  Reply to this
  Ah, Brock, your enthusiasm is contagious.
I hope you two are having a great weekend.
Re: Journal de la Brock by Amelia on 1999-09-23 02:30:25  |  Reply to this
  Hey Brock! What is up? I hope everything is still copacetic with you and Allison. Inquiring NERDs want to know! I realize that it has been a really hostile environment here at Loose Lips recently. That is why I think I speak for most of the rest of us when I say -- "More love talk on Loose Lips!"
Re: Journal de la Brock by Mr. Crisco on 1999-09-23 04:59:04  |  Reply to this
  Pass me the BARRRF bag! hiccup.... Are you wearing rose coloured glasses, my dear friend? She won't marry a Yank. They hate us Yanks because we intrude into their overly, puritanical life in Canada. And, Canada is not Commie, it is Socialist, like England and Australia, which is what Marx and Engles decided to take one step further and create a nation of ants.
Re: Journal de la Brock by Mike Oxlong on 2002-02-08 06:59:40  |  Reply to this
  I am replying to this due to the fact that it is the last topic on the list so.
Re: Journal de la Brock by Brock on 2010-03-12 08:15:35  |  Reply to this
  We're living together in Toronto now, BTW.