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parent: General Knowledge/General Studies

Re: General Knowledge/General Studies by boolean girl on 2000-06-03 15:33:10

I think it's when fat, pasty people from the Midwest travel across country in their mobile homes to crowd up the seashores like lemmings, only to 'accidentally' set their dog's face on fire (and leave him blind) due to an errant flash from the sparklers they brought AND also 'accidentally' grind up Gramma's legs in the jetski they rented earlier "Because I only had six sixpacks!" AND 'accidentally' kill an innocent bystander after shooting off rounds from the concealed weapon they had "Because by God this is America!" and if you CAN'T have a good time because of some past moment in American History, then, well, you're evil. AND Unamerican. Amen. The End. "An idiot's reach must exceed his grasp - or what's a holiday for?"

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