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parent: General Knowledge/General Studies

Re: General Knowledge/General Studies by Wash! on 2000-06-03 18:07:47

This one was tough, and optional, so i left it and went to talk about whether all religions are basically the same! Yeah-I can talk bullshit!

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Hinduism/Zoroastrianism by Kid Loco on 2000-06-04 07:40:19  |  Reply to this
  They're all the same to what extent? That they all have a 'deity' (that's a god - non-Latinates) or that people do them all. In essence the fact that people believe in some outside force is the same, but then not all outside forces are religion based. Look at Karma, (what goes around comes around typed principle) and Fate. Neither religions.....
Re: Hinduism/Zoroastrianism by Amelia on 2000-06-05 03:12:12  |  Reply to this
  Wow, I guess the days of the smug empire are truly over. We yanks imagine a Victorian sort of answer, like "All a bunch of nasty heathens from abroad."
But (hint, hint) isn't one monotheistic and the other polytheistic? And in fact, many Hindus consider their faith something they are born to and not a "philosophy" or "practice" which can be adopted by others not so born.
Karma and Fate are spiritual concepts, but they don't have all the accessories that constitute a full-blown religion. I think a Religion must have at least a published sacred text or text outlining the major beliefs, laws, and interactions with the Divine (i. e., services); and some sort of leadership, if only within the traditional political structure.
Re: Re: Hinduism/Zoroastrianism by Kid Loco (Newly Informed) on 2000-06-05 06:53:03  |  Reply to this
  You are SO right. I had totally forgotten the religious texts thing.
Re: Re: Re: Hinduism/Zoroastrianism by Wash! on 2000-06-06 03:47:39  |  Reply to this
  Shit! Hearing you talk like that Amelia, i think ive failed. I just wrote: After much consideration, yeah-there all the same!
Re: Re: General Knowledge/General Studies by tommie on 2000-06-04 07:57:22  |  Reply to this
  Certainly most have members who feel ordained to kill in the name of "God".
Re: Re: Re: General Knowledge/General Studies by Kid Loco on 2000-06-05 05:32:45  |  Reply to this
  This is true. See the medieval crusades for an England related version of this...... Also, did the original American settlers have a religion, or were they atheist? You know, they that were here when Columbus' Crew came across.
Re: Re: Re: Re: General Knowledge/General Studies by tommie on 2000-06-05 11:59:37  |  Reply to this
  They all had religion after the witches were burned!
Re: Re: Re: Re: General Knowledge/General Studies by Amelia on 2000-06-05 19:52:09  |  Reply to this
  Most early cultures are essentially theocracies, and those of North America were no different. While the specifics could vary quite dramatically from tribe to tribe, I believe that all the native peoples had some common threads in their overall spiritual views. Joseph Campbell writes about a lot of them.