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root: How many limbs is ideal...?

parent: Re: Cover Me With Eggs And Flour And Bake Me For 14 Minutes

Re: Cover Me With Eggs And Flour And Bake Me For 14 Minutes by Always Pondering Motives on 2000-08-25 12:01:48

I forgot a semicolon after the word IRONY in the first paragraph, and a comma after run in the last, my bad.....

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I Have A Plan, And It's So Cunning You Could Brush Your Teeth With It. by Kid Loco on 2000-08-26 00:06:20  |  Reply to this
  Yes, OK, so it's the second title in a row stolen directly from Blackadder, but anyway.... I saw call it quits. I'll ease up on the ass-monkey ad my tirades and even loosen up on my prissy spelling morals, if you grant a little leeway in long-ish comments. Not short ones, though. If someone can't spew one sentence out correctly, then I'll crack down.
Can't We All Just Get Along by Always Pondering Motives on 2000-08-26 12:11:48  |  Reply to this
  I'm not familiar with Blackladder so I had to use a Rodney King line. I think we have a deal. I wouldn't have even said anything ing the first place if you hadn't been so harsh on the grammar error. That was pretty funny though. One line comments are certainly fair game (so long a the "tirade" is spell checked).