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??? Britney or Christina ??? by just some regular guy on 2000-08-26 06:16:14

Who would you rather give it to....?

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??? Britney and/or Christina ??? by Markus The Exploding Chicken - Kid Loco on 2000-08-26 15:29:03  |  Reply to this
  If 'It' is as callously crude as it appears to be, and no doubt you do mean it as such, then I think the better experience would be Miss. Spears. She seems to have been better manufactured for the task (I like the way I'm making this sound completely non-dirty, or even clean, if you like) and would no doubt be the kind of partner about whom one could boast for many a year (This category also includes Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra - basically any 'bimbos' - take this by no means as offence; this is the task such women were put on the earth to undertake. None were blessed with a mental level much above that of the English Monarchy. Speaking of which, Prince William passed his A-Levels. Bless! This said, they are no doubt brilliant at procreation, and are well designed in peacock-like style to produce such reaction from the opposite gender. A stumbling block for this theory is Marilyn Monroe, who did try to build her intellectual level. Anyway, that's a different argument. On a personal note, I much prefer Christina. I think she has beautiful eyes, a gorgeous voice, and with her Latin background is very sexy indeeed. Indeed, one can hear Christina singing in Spanish very easily indeed (The cursed Napster is just one site from where such songs available. Add this to the fact that though Miss. Aguilera may make an effort to appear sexually attractive, she in no way cheapens herself to produce such results, unlike the aforementioned Miss. Spears. So that does for me. The latino charm and sexuality takes it. Curiously, I don't feel the same about Jennifer Lopez, who
Dammit 'Insert' - Stealing the end of my comment by Markus The Exploding Chicken - Kid Loco on 2000-08-26 15:31:11  |  Reply to this
  shares such latino heritage. Good enough?
Re: Dammit 'Insert' - Stealing the end of my comment by shlong on 2000-08-27 08:09:11  |  Reply to this
  i think you got your point across there.
Good. I hate being... by Kid Loco on 2000-08-27 15:50:02  |  Reply to this
  ...cut off in full flow.
Re: ??? Britney or Christina ??? by tommie on 2000-08-26 20:21:14  |  Reply to this
Re: ??? Britney or Christina ??? by APM on 2000-08-27 12:40:06  |  Reply to this
  Start thinking outside the box. Briney "&" Christina
Re: ??? Britney or Christina ??? by [no name] on 2000-08-27 15:46:23  |  Reply to this