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root: Sweet Soul Music.

parent: Re: Spotlight On Louis Armstrong....

Re: Re: Spotlight On Louis Armstrong.... by Kid Loco on 2000-09-02 01:24:39

Dammit APM, you pre-empted the next section, 'All Eyes On Miles Davis Y'All'. (Incidentally I am working my way through Arthur Conley's 'Sweet Soul Music') but Yeah, Bitches Brew, Eh? Nice disc. I have to confess to preferring Dizzy, but only because I've heard less Miles....

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Re: Re: Re: Spotlight On Louis Armstrong.... by APM on 2000-09-03 09:21:01  |  Reply to this
  I think that Bitches Brew was the album where he made his transition from Jazz to . . . now what would you call it, funk? Miles was a master at Jazz during the 40s and 50s, then in the late 60s his music went through some serious changes (drugs maybe?). I have to agree though, Dizzy was fantastic!