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Allison was here... by Brock on 1999-09-04 06:07:09

I stayed home. Allison visited me... it was so great... I'll elaborate. Friday, 9:00- I punch into work, and i'm extreamly tired for whatever reason, talking on the phone/not sleeping/not eating. I get the rare sensation of lightheadedness from being malnurished (sp?)... anyway. I'm hoping... hoping hoping hoping allison will be able to come and visit. She's able. She came into work, and i just.... blah... i couldn't believe she was standing right there. My first instinct was to jump... nay... leap, NAY! BOUND over the counter top and tackle her.... alas... i was the only one in the one-hour-photo joint, and therefore unable to go on lunch... until... a co-worker came in... i met with allison by our grocery carts... *awwwW* i didn't touch her for the longest time... i was on the clock, it probably wouldn't have looked too good. so i clocked out and we had a romantic stroll through the automotive department... yada yada yada, we went outside the store found some shade, and spent 30 minutes having fun. :) my parents are home.

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