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parent: Reply if you have too much spare time.

Re: Reply if you have too much spare time. by spare time girl on 2001-02-27 13:09:15

Hey Kid - ... just checking in... Actually, I CREATE spare time for myself -- I consider it an art form, something loosely based on performance art and NOT for theater. It's always a work in progress... One half-hour before work and I'm tippy-typing away to persons unknown... gotta love this cyberspace! I like to relax into work before I actually dive into my work. I'm more of a sprinter with short bouts of intense energy. Long distance running is not my forte -- hence, it takes me half the day to prepare for the other half of the day... it's just my wiring... It's raining here in the California desert where I live -- and how is your day going?

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Re: Re: Reply if you have too much spare time. by Shlong on 2001-02-28 02:10:12  |  Reply to this
  In the, generally well known for there amazinging sun, areas of North England, the weather is to everybodies utter supprise... snowing. Quite heavily too. In my part time i manufacture spare time for needy candidates. If you feel you are in need of spare time please submit and essay, no more than 100 words,and a 1000 cheque to shlong, leeds, england.
Re: Re: Reply if you have too much spare time. by Kid on 2001-02-28 03:52:50  |  Reply to this
  I have started to steal time. I take it from when I should be doing something constructive and do nothing at all. It is fun. Oh, today I not only stole some time, but was given some as I made a journey (to uni) that normally takes an hour in but 15 minutes. I was quite happy with this. For those of you unable to locate time, remember how it flies when you are having fun. So, throw a party and look to the ceiling. If this helps I would like a small thank you, maybe in the form of wine or noodles. Or both.
Re: Re: Re: Reply if you have too much spare time. by shlong on 2001-02-28 08:02:42  |  Reply to this
  yeah, and pigs might fly. So be sure to keep an eye on the skies, alsorts of interesting stuff is going on up there!!
Re: Re: Re: Reply if you have too much spare time. by slacker girl on 2001-02-28 13:01:22  |  Reply to this
  Today is day off spare time -- one of THE best spare time allotments I can think of! Oh -- you remember the joke: Why did the little boy throw the clock out the window? Ha! What else about time... a friend once did a water-color and wrote her own quote on it: " Time is the accountability of Infinity " Peace.