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Re: Re: Re: Reply if you have too much spare time. by boolean girl on 2001-03-30 12:58:59

Well..... I can tell you who it would NOT be! Does anyone even remember Robby Benson (the actor?). Apparently HE finds work doing readings... I was appalled... And Steve Buscemi may have wry wit and makes good off-the-wall movies, but he most certainly should NOT be doing readings either... I tried to listen to him do: Elmore Leonard's " Pagan Babies". I fell asleep. Anyway, I believe in keeping the actual printed page alive and well -- god bless free press! and all those various and sundry art rags floating around. Reading is a good discipline, I think. But I ramble... It's payday again and I'm distacted. The money's already been spent. Nice talkin' to ya Kid (et al)... More on a later date! P.S. For anyone who cares -- may latest library takes include: a great art book called: "Made in California" -- I didn't want to return it! Also, "The Adversary" (a new book) and all the librarians were raving about a young adult book called: "Stargirl". Also I read "The New Yorker" avidly. See ya!

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