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Everybody's Stalking by Kid on 2001-04-05 04:34:03

Has anyone been stalked or stalked anyone? In their lives? Or is it just me & Wash who dream of the glory that is stalker-dom. Incidentally, anyone wishing to stalk me, get in touch, and I'll tell you where best to catch me, and what to do to really freak me out. Stalking shouldn't be undertaken lightly, but treated with the same respect and professionalism as any hobby.

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Re: Everybody's Stalking by Bad Kitty on 2001-04-05 23:36:09  |  Reply to this
  Oh, I suppose I came pretty close once. It was about 12 years ago, and this guy walked past me, my head swiveled to the left, and a vision struck me. Really. After that I became increasingly obsessed with him, called up just to hear his voice on the answering machine, followed him around. This *did not feel good*, by the way. He wasn't a nice guy or anything. It wasn't True Love, and I still don't know what it was. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. It took maybe 5 years before I stopped twitching at the mere mention of his name, and 10 years before I felt I was really over it. Making myself stop call and stalk him was one of the hardest things I ever did. The only reason I could figure for this happening was that I had some lesson about not being in control that the universe needed to teach me. And man, I hope I'm done. So you'll have to talk to the stalker around the corner; my ticket's been punched.
Re: Everybody's Stalking by [no name] on 2001-06-15 12:43:08  |  Reply to this
  I. know. where. you. e-mail.
Re: Re: Everybody's Stalking by Kid. on 2001-06-16 05:23:20  |  Reply to this
Everybody's Stalking Me by Kid. on 2001-07-15 10:08:59  |  Reply to this
  Much to my surprise, delight, and amusement, I have a stalker. I wish I was making this up. God knows I want this topic to curl up and die, but anyway. I have, as I say, a stalker. I didn't even know. He came up to me in a pub, knowing everything about me. Home, hobbies, name, friends, likes and dislikes. It was scary, but kinda cool. Just thought you guys deserved to know.
Re: Everybody's Stalking Me by tommie on 2001-07-16 19:46:20  |  Reply to this
  In a pub? How old do you have to be in the UK to drink?
Re: Re: Everybody's Stalking Me by Kid. on 2001-07-16 22:53:51  |  Reply to this
  I'm almost insulted! It's a mere 18 in the UK - that said, the drinking culture kicks off with 14/15 year olds and younger generally.
Re: Re: Re: Everybody's Stalking Me by Shlong on 2001-07-16 23:59:57  |  Reply to this
  I can admit that I was a mere 13 when I went on my first under cover drinking session. 3 cans of Scrumpy Jack and I was wasted!! Nowt like the good old days.