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parent: Everybody's Stalking

Everybody's Stalking Me by Kid. on 2001-07-15 10:08:59

Much to my surprise, delight, and amusement, I have a stalker. I wish I was making this up. God knows I want this topic to curl up and die, but anyway. I have, as I say, a stalker. I didn't even know. He came up to me in a pub, knowing everything about me. Home, hobbies, name, friends, likes and dislikes. It was scary, but kinda cool. Just thought you guys deserved to know.

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Re: Everybody's Stalking Me by tommie on 2001-07-16 19:46:20  |  Reply to this
  In a pub? How old do you have to be in the UK to drink?
Re: Re: Everybody's Stalking Me by Kid. on 2001-07-16 22:53:51  |  Reply to this
  I'm almost insulted! It's a mere 18 in the UK - that said, the drinking culture kicks off with 14/15 year olds and younger generally.
Re: Re: Re: Everybody's Stalking Me by Shlong on 2001-07-16 23:59:57  |  Reply to this
  I can admit that I was a mere 13 when I went on my first under cover drinking session. 3 cans of Scrumpy Jack and I was wasted!! Nowt like the good old days.