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Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-06 08:42:35

On the beach computer again. Hope youre all ok, weve got a job working for a club, where we give out leaflets, and chat to hot chicks for 2 hours every night, and then get free entry and free drinks all night, plus a fiver a day, which pays for our meal. Its pretty cool, tiring though after a while, every night getting rat arsed. Still, you cant complain getting pissed for free every night can ya?Looking for another job perhaps where we can get free accomodation, like a hotel or something. Going to see Lele, the italian who I lived with tomorrow or the day after, which should be cool, and some hotel in Bologne want our CVs, so it could be cool to move there and work there for a while. Well just wait and see, eh? If not, well see how long i can afford to pay the accomodation out here. I would email you all, but the email never works on these computers. I heard from GA0U, and hes having a great time too, Trevor Boris and some dutch bird in the first week apparantly. Kid, if youre the only one who reads this, Ciao to Rico & Pete, and you can post a reply up on here if you like, and Ill see if i can read it some time soon. Sorry for using PDC as an email tool, but its the only way i can keep in touch. hope youre all ok! CYA soon Kid, ps: italian birds have THE nicest arses, i swear! Happy Days. Postcards on the way once i can be arsed, then buy a stamp, then find a postbox etc. CIAO CIAO, Wash, Rimini

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Re: Live from Italy by Ringo* on 2001-07-08 06:22:30  |  Reply to this
  Hey Wash, good to hear you're having a good time. Hope you've met some 'bostin' women! (But no brums please this time). JUGS has been abused! She's been broken into and the stereo and stuff beens nicked. Bitch or what. Looks like you'll be spending more than the 2weeks out there mate. keep sending us crap, cos i have nothing better to do in my life this week but to read 'The exploits of Wash in rimini'. Cheers, regards and all that. Ringo* ps, my milf's good
Re: Live from Italy by Sophia on 2001-07-08 13:26:57  |  Reply to this
  you are TRULY Italian when you can appreciate grappa...
Re: Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-28 16:05:58  |  Reply to this
  Tried, and appreciated. Signed...Wash!
Re: Live from Italy by Shlong on 2001-07-09 01:31:16  |  Reply to this
  A little bit pointless, but something you might want to check out wash. http://www.yeg.co.uk/cgi-bin/redirect.pl?frameset=yes&url=http://www.yeg.co.uk/distribution/news/9902.shtml Im sure kid will remember too, infact, you probably had more input than Wash!!!!
Re: Re: Live from Italy by Kid. on 2001-07-09 02:10:33  |  Reply to this
  No way! I remember that project! I wasn't part of it, as you know, but it led to me having many a lone lunch while you guys all made excuses for not being in and going to meetings about it. Small point though, Shlong, are you really that bored at work that you are surfing through Yorkshire Electricity's website?
Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Shlong on 2001-07-09 02:43:09  |  Reply to this
  Sad as it is mate, but I'm affraid its true. There are other options but I'd rather stick forks in my skull. Another website worth checking out www.pimpwar.com , you'll have to wait till next month now until you can start playing I think. It's well worth the wait though, trust me, I'm a LAN Internetworking Diagnostis Engineer. Sounds impressive doesn't it.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Kid. on 2001-07-09 15:17:44  |  Reply to this
  A LAN!!!!! (Local Area Network). It reminds me of Wash's greatest ever recovery gag. We went back up to school over Easter to see Jeans, really, and mock him at work. In the TC, we went to see him, and as a kid abused him Wash shouted, "Jeans you Wan....", as the Crann walked in. Wash finished his sentence. "....Jeans you wide area network"
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by shlong on 2001-07-10 00:10:02  |  Reply to this
  Classy bit of digging yourself out of a hole there. I do not however, feel the great Mr.Crann is a guy to be feared any longer (not feared in the regular sense, but in the humiliation he will put you through when you have to beg for your accounts back after sending obscene e-mails to the entire sixth form and all the teachers). Id rather string him from the roof beams by his beard, but I'd have to be careful for the counter as I've got quites a beard growing myself. Its not because I think they look good, more a case of I can't be arsed shaving, no need to, I don't have a bird at the moment, and the lass I'm using for casual sex quite likes it. Anyhows, on to the reason for this message.... I'll block out a few assential lessons and see if you can figure out who this e-mail is from, Wash, you may find this easier. Here goes...........Great news. I am sure that you will find BT more of a career than a job (personal experiance). The Muirfield (typo) connector has been further developed as well as the whole concept of generator connections. You are lucky to have got me I leave ?? at the end of this month. Still in the generation game - forming my own Consultancy firm. Cheers and all the best ????? ???????? P.S When I have the company fully established I will drop you an e-mail. I know this is a toughy, but any ideas????
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by A regretable shlong on 2001-07-10 00:13:28  |  Reply to this
  This: I'll block out a few assential lessons: should say this: I'll block out a few assential letters. Please accept my humble appologese.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Kid. on 2001-07-10 04:36:52  |  Reply to this
  Is it Chris Chambers? (And no, for all you buffs out there not the guy off of Stand By Me, or the Stereophonics song - both of which go by the same name).
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Shlong on 2001-07-10 07:58:55  |  Reply to this
  I'm impressed you remember the guys name. Perhaps it was is overwhelming personality that had everyone within a 3 miles radius falling asleep. The old man did actually fall asleep in one of the meeting we had with Chris.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Kid. on 2001-07-10 09:38:10  |  Reply to this
  NB - I wouldn't have remembered if he didn't share it with such esteemed figures. Haha! How times have changed; now I'm known as the old man. Speaking of such, I saw Manpreet yesterday, and was shocked enough for him to not recognise me. I was not too upset by this though.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Wash on 2001-07-10 10:23:26  |  Reply to this
  Talking of old Asians, I still cant remember that guys name. Schlong, do you remember a thin, quite tall asian, used to hang around with pinion in our art class, and that darker asian shifty guy with a defined nose. Its killing me. He was tallish, asian, glasses, side parting. Any ideas? Oh, and while im writing, i have a great story about Chris Chambers.... zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (you know the guy used to work for BT?) zzzzZZZZZ (Wash dies with boredom)...
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Shlong on 2001-07-10 23:57:23  |  Reply to this
  I think the rather pointless life form you are refering to went by the name of Haroof, or something along those lines. I have only one fear now, that I might someday turn into Chris 'personality' Chambers. I should have thought this through more before accepting their job offer.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by PS on 2001-07-10 00:11:24  |  Reply to this
  We deal mainly in WANs, getting into LANs, the layer 3 switching part of it.... and stretching more out in to GANs. Wicked.
Re: this is listed as yorkshire electricity by peter brown on 2003-11-18 13:12:13  |  Reply to this
  whats going on i live near scunthorpe nth linc and for 8 days sufferd power cuts we are given this site address to find out why we are having problems but as with yorkshire electricity telephone complaints it just goes to a phone bank at newcastle and then gets lost in the system ,i feel that the moron that has set this up should be ?????? plus the suposed managment team like most in the uk a band of pathetic no hoppers that pose with a load of unernt degrees.
Re: Re: this is listed as yorkshire electricity by Kid on 2003-11-18 14:44:51  |  Reply to this
  Do you want me to go all pedantic? Its easily done....
Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-09 07:49:09  |  Reply to this
  What project? Shame about Jugs, Ringo! Man. Anyway, not got many seconds left on this computer b4 i get kicked off, so regards to all, hopefull back end of w/b 19th july. CYA all soon, Wash!
Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-12 11:50:24  |  Reply to this
  Kid, let the boys know Happy 1 year since GAOU got laid by Lisa!!! Hahaha. Yeah, i waste my holiday money in this acrcade centre writing comments on PDC while the beach is but meters away. Im getting as sad as Kid! (only kiddin man). Back definately around the weekend of 28th, people, so CYA soon, Wash!!
Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-13 08:20:04  |  Reply to this
  Haroof doesnt ring any bells, please keep coming up with asians names, as if i dont find out this pointless fiends name, Kid will not get a postcard from sunny italy! Going to play beach football now with some mates weve made from work! Happy Days. PS: Kid, I think your mini disk is cool, but Dan hates it! Soz, buddy! Byeeeeeeee :-)
Re: Re: Live from Italy by Shlong on 2001-07-13 08:51:12  |  Reply to this
  HAROOD!!! Im well sure thats the name of one of the gimps that was in our art class.
Re: Re: Live from Italy by Kid. on 2001-07-14 01:33:41  |  Reply to this
  Wash, while I'm here. I saw Nadine yesterday, and Shlong - you wouldn't be too excited by this - Chris Wood. Oh, and Big Al!!!!!
Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Shlong on 2001-07-14 07:46:19  |  Reply to this
  Last time I saw the fine Nadine I made a fucking arse of myself, trying to recreate the happy times past. I did see and chat to her brother last Thursday at the Dusty and even he said she was looking fine. I see Woody all the time, we go to they gym togeher.. and who the fuck is big Al?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Kid. on 2001-07-14 14:06:26  |  Reply to this
  Mr. Allan, of Battyeford First School fame. Maybe you had to be there (and yes, I know I wasn't - he knows my mum)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Live from Italy by Shlong on 2001-07-16 00:03:49  |  Reply to this
  Never heard of the guy, but saw Nadines brother again last night. Remember the Gibbins twins, they were slaughtered at the Frontier, well funny.
Re: Live from Italy by Wash on 2001-07-20 08:17:24  |  Reply to this
  Harood? Mmmm, could ring a bell. I thought his name would ring more of a bell when i heard it though. What would his surname be? Well, congrats on the Nadine and Big Al spotting, Kid. Im gunna see my italian bitch Lele tomorrow, cant wait, though at the same time im sad to be leaving my job and friends here in RImini. I hate goodbyes, i was just thinking on the bus to the cyber cafe when i said bye to saint-cyr and lloret people before going to uni. One of the worst things ever. And then saying bye to all my european friends at the end of this year. It sucks, however, at least Saint Cyr/Lloret guys will be around Mirfield for a long time to come yet. Gotta say bye to some well cute polish chics, and other scandinavian, italian, and other birds and dudes tonight. Sucks! Well sucks! At least im seeing Lele tomorrow which will be cool. And Ill see you guys a week on sunday! Have fun people, Gaou got laid the other night, and thats about all ther news i have. Ciao! Wash
Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-21 08:48:10  |  Reply to this
  Man, i missed the train, went to the wrong station, so ive come here to arse about for half hour until the next one, which is in about 90minutes. Had a cool final night last night, am gunna miss the folk there. Polish girls rule - better than brums, though less dirty. Norweigen girls are fantastic, finish ones nice, swedish fine. FIGA!!!!!!!!! See Lele in 2 hours. Man, hows Funky monkey and Ringo? Havent heard owt from em as they dont come here. Put rings together for me to them will ya Kid! OK, gunna go check out Chris Chambers now, tara, CIAO, Wash!
Re: Live from Italy by sophia on 2001-07-21 12:53:14  |  Reply to this
  were you in Genoa for this melee?
Re: Re: Live from Italy by Wash on 2001-07-22 12:59:56  |  Reply to this
  No thankfully not, Ive seen the pictures on italian tv, and it looks shocking. thankfully im not near the volcano either. Man, its all happenning here in italy. I saw a dog almost get run over yesterday too, by a full speed car. Big dog, crazy driver, nearly flattened the cannine. Im in Bologne now, in Leles bedroom, went to Firenze today, off to Udine where shes from tomorrow evening, and off to venice on wednesday. Its so cool seeing her again, many memories brought back. So guys, see you soon, Im hoping Skippy the bush kangaroo is AKA Funky Monkey, otherwise i think im being stalked by a guy called harood. Ciao amichi, Wash!
Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-25 12:45:29  |  Reply to this
  No, Im not bored, its just that ive eaten, and am going to watch the second part of TopGun in a minute. its in italian, so i thought the whole film may get on my tits after a while. Saw chicken run on some outdoor cinema projection in a small village near the one im staying yesterday. Bizarre. Chickens talking italian. What went wrong with the world! Im gunna go now. Wash!
Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-28 16:07:45  |  Reply to this
  Im back!
Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2001-07-28 16:10:37  |  Reply to this
  Brenda Tenten, Deputy Head at The Mirfield Grammar and Sixth Form Centre said: "Our students and staff are delighted to be working with such a progressive company who value education and training, as shown in this partnership." Brenda Tenten... What is your problem?
Re: Live from Italy by Wash! on 2006-08-30 02:32:28  |  Reply to this
  As I thought yesterday as i walked around Italy 5 years on... so much has changed so little.
Re: Re: Live from Italy by tommie on 2006-08-31 09:43:13  |  Reply to this
  Let's have a predication of how you will be writing in 5 years from now...
Re: Re: Live from Italy by tommie on 2006-08-31 09:44:29  |  Reply to this
  ...or even better, a prediction!