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root: Live from Italy

parent: Re: Live from Italy

Re: Re: Live from Italy by Wash on 2001-07-22 12:59:56

No thankfully not, Ive seen the pictures on italian tv, and it looks shocking. thankfully im not near the volcano either. Man, its all happenning here in italy. I saw a dog almost get run over yesterday too, by a full speed car. Big dog, crazy driver, nearly flattened the cannine. Im in Bologne now, in Leles bedroom, went to Firenze today, off to Udine where shes from tomorrow evening, and off to venice on wednesday. Its so cool seeing her again, many memories brought back. So guys, see you soon, Im hoping Skippy the bush kangaroo is AKA Funky Monkey, otherwise i think im being stalked by a guy called harood. Ciao amichi, Wash!

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