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parent: I'm Back and I Love Wash

Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by Wash! on 2001-07-24 10:50:48

Hey people who love me! Im here in Leles room in Udine, well, a small town of population 1000 near Udine. Its really cool, and wicked seeing her again. Off to Venice tomorrow. Ive been sitting here in her room laughing out loud at some of your comments. I miss you too like a bitch in a petrol pump, Kid! But dont worry. Wash arrives in Stanstead in 4 days time. It will be a month exactly since i left. Im sad to say i will only be around for 2 weeks before i fly off (on bus) to see my joolie in Bilbao for 2 weeks. But then Ill be back until I go to uni. Im kinda missing you guys, im looking forward to seeing you again. Anyway people, this isnt cheap for Lele, so im gunna get offline. So ill be in touch probably before the end of the week. Keep the messages coming, ok? Skiddy - great to see your comeback! I loved Kids clues as to who you are. See you all soon, friends! CIAO! Wash!

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