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I'm Back and I Love Wash by Skiddy the Butt Kangaroo on 2001-07-22 10:00:49

Yes my friends, it has been a long time since I last was in this beautiful place but now I'm back, better than ever. Kid, sent me e-mail you bullfrog riding halfwit, and Pete that goes for you too. Wash, I love you man it's been too long already. I have to keep looking at photos to remember what you look like. Come back soon, you festering butt plug. Remember this is just the beginning and every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. Make sure it isn't your end ( except your end Wash XX)

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Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by shlong on 2001-07-22 23:59:37  |  Reply to this
  OK, so who is this then??? Kid, can you drop some sort of clue as to reveal the individuals identity.
Brief Sojourn, And Here I Go..... by Kid. on 2001-07-23 08:19:18  |  Reply to this
  Shlong, you don't (as far as I know) know Skiddy. Clues as to who he is anyway, for my enjoyment as much as anything else? His number is 21. He shares his initials with a historical hero of mine, and the inventor of the first commercially used engine (don't be fooled by your fiver. F***ing Stevenson). He went to see *MUSE* with me. He is against the proposed needle bin in Hollyoaks.
Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by tommie on 2001-07-23 05:28:53  |  Reply to this
  I'm not so sure I'd want to know, Shlong.
Re: Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by shlong on 2001-07-23 07:47:40  |  Reply to this
  do u know who i am tommie??? are you one of the poor people that suffered at the hands of our brutal teachers? and yeah, i do wanna know who that guy whose name i just forgotten is.....please.
Re: Re: Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by tommie on 2001-07-24 08:01:54  |  Reply to this
  Well, OK... I was subjected to the jurisdiction of Irish nuns when in grade school.
Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by Ringo * on 2001-07-23 09:21:21  |  Reply to this
  Hey, nice to see you back here. I'm missing Wash! too but i don't think i share you're loving enthusiasm Skiddy.
Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by Kid. on 2001-07-23 13:14:55  |  Reply to this
  I love Wash too, and miss him like a bitch in a petrol pump, if only because without him, we've no-one to mock.....
Re: Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by shlong on 2001-07-23 23:54:43  |  Reply to this
  Now now, you're forgetting jeans...
Re: Re: Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by Kid. on 2001-07-24 10:35:18  |  Reply to this
  Someone to mock without them threatening to set the law onto you.
Re: Re: Re: Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by shlong on 2001-07-24 23:53:52  |  Reply to this
  Still non-the-wiser. Keep them coming.
Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by Wash! on 2001-07-24 10:50:48  |  Reply to this
  Hey people who love me! Im here in Leles room in Udine, well, a small town of population 1000 near Udine. Its really cool, and wicked seeing her again. Off to Venice tomorrow. Ive been sitting here in her room laughing out loud at some of your comments. I miss you too like a bitch in a petrol pump, Kid! But dont worry. Wash arrives in Stanstead in 4 days time. It will be a month exactly since i left. Im sad to say i will only be around for 2 weeks before i fly off (on bus) to see my joolie in Bilbao for 2 weeks. But then Ill be back until I go to uni. Im kinda missing you guys, im looking forward to seeing you again. Anyway people, this isnt cheap for Lele, so im gunna get offline. So ill be in touch probably before the end of the week. Keep the messages coming, ok? Skiddy - great to see your comeback! I loved Kids clues as to who you are. See you all soon, friends! CIAO! Wash!
Re: I'm Back and I Love Wash by Wash! on 2001-07-25 12:40:05  |  Reply to this
  Youll love me even more when I tell you I have the new Manu Chao album. Yet morso when I tell you I got it for 3 quid off some freaky black tunisian gay on the streets of Rimini, and youll wanna beat me with a broomstick when I tell you Im seeing him in concert on the 17th August in Bilbao (Manu, not Tunisian). Bo! Wash!
Re: I'm Back and I need a Wash by Wash! on 2001-12-09 14:55:18  |  Reply to this
  Its been a long day, doing nothing, yet with so much to do! I often find these are the days when I miss you guys most, and maybe more so the people like little Lele in Udine (see above), knowing that I wont be seeing them in 1 week. Its 10:50pm and Im starting an extended essay for the end of the week. Depressing or what. The good news is its on a subject which really interests me. Vous me manquez! Wash! Oh, by the way, I held a phone conversation with a Spanish nun today. Ive never learned the lingo, and I managed to ask and understand perfectly the praying spaniard. Impressed (and shocked) a few spectating spanish chicks. In 1 week, last orders in the Hyde Park, Bradley Road! All invited! Ch-oau!