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parent: My sympathies

Re: My sympathies by Kid. on 2001-09-11 12:10:14

I can only second that thought. There were some truly terrible images projected across the world all throughout the afternoon.

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Re: Re: My sympathies by Wash! on 2001-09-13 09:12:20  |  Reply to this
  Sickened by the 2 planes crashing in to the tower, I watched on, and will never forget the feeling of horror, shock and fear as my stomach churned in watching live the first tower begin to crumble like an avalanche. The sickness of this tradgedy is only just beginning to sink in. Its been a sad day. My heart can only go out to those with friends and family killed in the attack, and to those in America, and all over the world, who, like me, are finding it hard to come to terms that something like this can actually happen in our world today. Peace.