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parent: My sympathies

Re: My sympathies by Tetra Grammaton on 2001-09-12 20:02:22

Why not assume instead that those people you see laughing, treating the attack as great news, are just as human as you are? I mean, there are children there. Bus drivers. Listen to them. They're not lunatics frothing at the mouth. They sound just like anybody, except that what they're saying is something you almost can't believe. Then try thinking, What is it that would make someone say things like that? What makes a decent person talk about how fun it would be to, oh, see someone's head on a stick? We will never be able to be completely secure. If someone wants to kill people, and is willing to die to accomplish that, they're going to find a way. Always. The only way to stop this kind of horror from repeating is to make it so that people don't want to kill us so badly. That sounds absurd, maybe, I know. But honestly, it's the only way.

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