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Re: Re: For Tater et al: by Tetra Grammaton on 2001-09-15 16:46:14

This is not really so very surprising. bin Laden himself had a big reputation as a drinker and a gambler before he went to Afghanistan. Look at Christians in this country. It's an old rule: sin on Friday, pray on Sunday.

I don't think anybody is saying that if we pulled all of our troops out of Saudi Arabia - to take bin Laden's primary demand - that the people involved would say, "Ah, cheers, mate! We'll go back to goat farming now!"

But we can look at our actions, and we can look at the hatred we've seen from ordinary citizens - not terrorists, and ask if there are changes we could make that would help the conditions that engender those feelings. More with an eye to the future than as any kind of solution for the present.

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Re: Re: Re: For Tater et al: by tommie on 2001-09-16 09:58:41  |  Reply to this
  And, as you say in your last paragraph "look at our own actions", I beleive that there is nothing more important that individual citizens can do than to treat every other human being with respect. I've heard all of my life that "you have to earn respect." I disagree. I believe that every human being, sans sociopaths, deserve respect.