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parent: Moans and groans

Re: Moans and groans by Wash! on 2001-10-04 03:49:20

Today my (Spanish) bird found out that she can NOT return to study at my university this year, after they made her do so much shit to apply for it - obviously giving the impression that her chances were good. We knew today would be the day that we found out... and it wasnt good! Sometimes life can just turn round and kick you in the bollocks, y'know? In... the... bollocks! Shes coming to stay with me for 2 weeks a week on sunday, but y'know, its 2 weeks, not 8 months! And to make things worse, I now, in 10 minutes start the first of 5 consecutive 1 hour long seminars, 2 of which i have no idea what they are talking about, the other where i have to do a presentation i havent even prepared, and the other is italian, with a girl who has the shittest hair-do in all of Kent! Dont start with me today, guys!

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