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parent: Moans and groans

Re: Moans and groans by Amelia on 2001-10-06 21:11:01

Let's see... (1) I have not even got an international romance to whine about. (2) Last month I got a promotion with no raise, so now I get to supervise three times as many people without getting any more money. (3) This week I found out there is a hiring freeze, so they are not going to replace my old position, so now I get to do TWO jobs for the same salary. (4) At the quarterly meeting, they announced that we did not make our numbers for the third quarter, so they are counting primarily on the products from my now severely understaffed group to make it up before the end of the year. (5) About a half hour after this meeting, my body decided it couldn't take this anymore and I had to go throw up in the bathroom. About 4:00, I threw up in the bathroom again, just because apparently I did not get the message the first time. (6) So I am still supposed to do all of this stuff to make up the shortfall in three months full of holidays, but I already lost almost a whole day being sick. That is all.

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