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root: Moans and groans

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Re: Re: Moans and groans by Wash! on 2001-10-30 05:22:44

Console me, people! I dont even know when or where Ill see her again. Probably Bilbao, December, but, y'know, cant be sure of anything in this crazy world! PS: KID, replacement fish will be bought today. Any name suggestions. Im going for Wilf or Zippy. Throw me some bones, guys! (No, Skiddy, dont throw Kid at me) - (harsh, but fair!)

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Re: Re: Re: Moans and groans by Kid. on 2001-11-01 03:55:30  |  Reply to this
  Man, I was gonna ring you and say sorry, but I had problems of my own. I was, well, a bit tired. I thought she was going today; not realising that today is not Tuesday. Still, at least you're making the effort, trying to see each other. It's not got to a stage where you can't remember her face. That's when you have to start worrying. And you call everyday. It's like a cute little world you guys live in. I blame the Kent scenery. If you could call the fish Ross, I'd be much happy.