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Re: Re: Moans and groans by Wash! on 2001-11-09 07:18:26

Well you know ETA, the fuckers who want independance in the Basque country, well them! They also put a car bomb in Madrid the day before, but failed to kill anyone. They are wankers, i saw supporters of them when i went to Bilbao in the summer. They also tried to bomb down the tallest building in Madrid a few years ago. Bird really upset about it. Understandably. An old friends father, the doctor at our local surgry died in a car crash about this time last year. It shocked me, and sadenned me and the community, but imagine how even more horrifying it must be when the guy was killed by known terrorists of the area. SALAUDS! SALAUDS! SALAUDS!!! R.I.P

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Re: Re: Re: Moans and groans by Kid on 2001-11-16 07:05:12  |  Reply to this
  Being as I live in Norwich, which is easily the most backward of England's cities, I was much surprised to on a village sign-post (Think maybe 50 people live in village) on one side GEORGE W BUSH 2 and the other OSAMA B L 2. I laughed much. Anyway, to my actual point. A parking meter down by my old house says 'FREEDOM FOR BASQUE COUNTRY!' and I was very surprised, moreso when I read your comment a few days ago, and couldn't quite be bothered to comment on it. Anyway, you're in Bilbao now, and you phoned me yesterday, but I was at a gig. Sorry.
CRAP! by Kid on 2001-11-16 07:05:38  |  Reply to this
  For '' read 1/2
Re: Re: Re: Re: Moans and groans by Wash! on 2001-11-16 10:18:26  |  Reply to this
  Im not in Spain yet, my man! I leave tomorrow morning. I dont remember calling you yesterday. I was soooo drunk, finally, after a long break in which ive been working. I cant believe the freedom for basque country thing in Norwich. Dont understand the Bush - Osam signpost thing though. Explain. Stupid gilipollas these basque freedom firghters! Hate 'em!