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parent: Am i annoyed? Your votes please

Re: Am i annoyed? Your votes please Part 2 by Ringo * on 2001-11-13 11:37:36

I didn't finish last time, but thought you'd all get bored so i thought i'd finish it off. I then had to go to a police station at midnight to get prints taken, but apparently there is only one finger print officer for Leeds and he is reserved for murders! So i had to book it in for this morning. Guess what they didn't turn up! So now, not only am without car for the 5th day running, i'm knackered, got tons of work to do, have lost faith in the crap poiceing in this country and my so-called univeristy security. Oh yeh, and they took my friends mobile phone as-well. There's my grumble of the week. On my leaving note, I HATE BLOODY CAR THIEVES!!!!

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