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Tragic flooding in my neighborhood by JohnnyG on 2001-11-15 15:26:49

The neighbors down the street lost their dog "Spivey" to the intense flooding which now threatens their home. Spivey apparently got caught in a whirlpool effect around a storm drain behind his dog house. My neighbors 5 year old daughter Claire was unconsolable. I told her that when my dog Mia (Welsh Corgi) has some puppies next spring she could have the pick of the litter. Cheered her up for about one minute. Very sad. The other very sad portion of this unfolding story is that water could be entering their house as I type. Check the weather for Austin(TX) right now and you'll see our predicament. Out

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Re: Tragic flooding in my neighborhood by tommie on 2001-11-15 16:16:51  |  Reply to this
  Hang in there, dude!
Re: Tragic flooding in my neighborhood by Kid. on 2001-11-15 17:55:47  |  Reply to this
  Man, I'm sorry. I'm guessing you're in danger too?
Re: Tragic flooding in my neighborhood by Tetra Grammaton on 2001-11-15 20:10:24  |  Reply to this
  So let's see - hottest summer in how many years? and now torrential flooding. Yessir, good thing Dubya saved us from wasting any money on all those unproven theories about a "greenhouse effect". That's so sad about Spivey. What a nightmare way to go, eh?
Re: Tragic flooding in my neighborhood by JohnnyG on 2001-11-16 17:52:15  |  Reply to this
  I'm back! The neighbors house did not get flooded but it was a close call. The water was around 5 feet away from their back door at its crest. My house is near the highest elevation on the street so I was never threatened with flooding. There were many cars washed away in creeks near this community and we lost 3 lives in the metro area. My rain gauge was empty yesterday morning and when I checked before bedtime last night it was completely filled-->it holds 7inches. During the peak of the storm I spotted some funnel clouds forming but none that I could see actually touch ground. The news reported 6 small tornadoes which did some major damage south of where I live. It was a wild time and of course miserable for my neighbors and others who sustained property damage. The loss of Spivey has so upset Claire. You think a stuffed "Bugs Bunny" animal might bring a smile to her face? I won it this summer at the carnival ($50 worth of games=$15 stuffed animal) and it sits in the guest bedroom collecting dust. I really want to go out and get her an ASPCA puppy tomorrow.I guess I can just talk to her parents about it.
Re: Tragic flooding in my neighborhood by Kid. on 2001-11-16 18:17:16  |  Reply to this
  Johnny, are you the most kind-hearted neighbour in the world? As much as I feel sorry for Claire, I feel quite safe in the knowledge that you are looking out for her. You deserve rich praise, and I for one do not mind heaping it upon you. You are a good man.
Re: Tragic flooding in my neighborhood by JohnnyG on 2001-11-19 09:34:34  |  Reply to this
  The weekend went quite well. Claire told her parents (Ann & Jeff) that she would now prefer a kitty cat to a dog. This is because a cat can stay in the house with her more easily, she likes the way they purrrr and they are much "smarter" than dogs. At this point in time, far be it from me to set Claire straight on this subject. Overall,the mood was upbeat in their household and that may have something more to do with the natural resiliency of children than an act of pet replacement--->my simple guess anyway. So no trip to the ASPCA pound for yours truly, just a very relaxing weekend.