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parent: Tragic flooding in my neighborhood

Re: Tragic flooding in my neighborhood by JohnnyG on 2001-11-16 17:52:15

I'm back! The neighbors house did not get flooded but it was a close call. The water was around 5 feet away from their back door at its crest. My house is near the highest elevation on the street so I was never threatened with flooding. There were many cars washed away in creeks near this community and we lost 3 lives in the metro area. My rain gauge was empty yesterday morning and when I checked before bedtime last night it was completely filled-->it holds 7inches. During the peak of the storm I spotted some funnel clouds forming but none that I could see actually touch ground. The news reported 6 small tornadoes which did some major damage south of where I live. It was a wild time and of course miserable for my neighbors and others who sustained property damage. The loss of Spivey has so upset Claire. You think a stuffed "Bugs Bunny" animal might bring a smile to her face? I won it this summer at the carnival ($50 worth of games=$15 stuffed animal) and it sits in the guest bedroom collecting dust. I really want to go out and get her an ASPCA puppy tomorrow.I guess I can just talk to her parents about it.

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