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If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this by Skiddy the Butt Kangaroo on 2001-11-20 02:36:01

Howdy boys, just thought I'd throw out my reason to be slightly peeved at the mo. As Ringo* will testify, I've been a little down beat from my normal cheery self this week but I has good reason. On Tuesday, I wake up next to my beautiful girlfriend (a bit early in the mornign but lets not quibble over details) and after a bit sense there is a change in atmosphere (No Wash!, it wasn't cos I'd farted!). I thought nothing more of this and subsequently kissed her goodbye and left to return to beautiful Yorkshire for a break. Whilst on the urine-smelling Metro, I sent her a txt to see she was OK, and receive an ominous one back saying that we needed to talk. Well, as I wasn't returning til Saturday, she asked for my e-mail address which I promptly sent. On Wednesday morning, after a tedious couple of hours of coursework, I decided I'd best check my mail, and sure enough there was a message waiting from Lucy. And HERE IS THE PROBLEM. She said she couldn't see me anymore, not cos she didn't like me, not cos she didn't care for me, not cos I had been unfaithful, not cos she wanted someone else but cos she had to concentrate on her work! This is reasonably fair cos she is a fourth year but still... Wash!, upon reading this, I knew what Ross was feeling when he clutches his heart when the lights come back on and he sees Rachel kissing Paulo. OH YEAH, and believe I may re-enacted it quite accurately. As Wash knows as I spoke to him about Lucy, I had firm feelings this was more than a casual thing and had some future, so to have it suddenly pulled out for under me is a mite troubling. Anyway, the worst bit is that she still wants to be friends but this is completely weird as we both know that we still REALLY like each other but can do nothing about it. and I have no idea how to act around her and whether there is any chance of it ever working out. I don't know whether to hang around and hope or just try to get used to the FRIEND thing or to try and make a clean break. Understandably, this has left me SHIT-confused and rather depressed as I can see no way out. I wish she was fat, ugly and from Birmingham so I wouldn't give a shit, but she's fit, beautiful, half Phillopino and from Liverpool (the nice bit!) BAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLS! What do I do? Any ideas or advice, guys?

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Re: If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this by Kid. on 2001-11-20 07:50:23  |  Reply to this
  I'm afraid all I can give is sympathy, and no advice. I would hang around her if you can, as friends, but ๓ther than that, I don't know. I'm still hungover from Saturday night, for crying out loud!
Re: If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this by tommie on 2001-11-20 11:36:16  |  Reply to this
Re: If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this by Ringo* on 2001-11-20 14:53:41  |  Reply to this
  Well i can definetly say that Skiddy wasn't his usual self last week. No matter how many times very cheap alcohol was offered to him, the spirit to drink just wasn't there, which to anyone who knows him is strange, cos i've never known Skiddy not to be in the mood for the odd drink (NO he's not an alcoholic, just a student!!) Anyway, no advice from my end on this one either matey, sorry! Speak to you soon mate.
Re: If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this by Tetra Grammaton on 2001-11-20 17:37:07  |  Reply to this
  Heh. Well. Not that I'm bitter or anything, but - You're Doomed. Whatever reason she gave you is the reason she gave herself to make it all seem reasonable. Doesn't make it untrue but it's not the point. You don't have to break a relationship to concentrate on work, after all.

As to the friend thing - I can only quote the expert: SPIKE
You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight, you'll shag, you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. Real love isn't brains, children, it's blood, it's blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it.

Re: If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this by JohnnyG on 2001-11-20 20:37:16  |  Reply to this
  This is a difficult situation for me to comment on. What are her true feelings when all she states is that she is overburdened with work? You have been good to her? You treat her well? You buy her dinner, flowers, jewelry, and clothing? You satisfy her needs and she tells you the minutiae as far as what those needs are? Persist in this matter until you have more answers. I don't know what the fuck else to say as far as advice. I have been in and out of many relationships but there never seems to be any one exact area of discontent before a breakup just a sudden cacaphony of everything negative exploding to the surface and then poooof----->goodbye, been nice, I'm outta here. I never feel good about it, I always feel pain. I wish there was an after-action review and I could nail down just what the problems were leading to the break but that has yet to happen. Peace to you friend I know the feeling.
Re: If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this by [no name] on 2001-11-21 11:13:51  |  Reply to this
  OK, my man. The advice youve been waiting for, that of the little italian, no.8 - I think youre gunna have to play games, dude. Just a thought, but try this: Tell her that youve tried, and tried, but you cant handle being just friends. Give her an ultimatum-thingy. Tell her if she loves you enough, she will be able to find time to be with you, and you will understandly ease off to give her time to do all that work-stuff. Do you really want her as just a friend. If its going to cause you so much misery, maybe its better to not. If she says: "Oau-Kuay, ricoau, boiy boiy" then sadly for you, you will have to accept the fact that she doesnt feel as strongly about you as you do about her. In this case, its best to walk away, find another flavour of ice cream, grab a spoon, and keep fishing. If, however, she agrees to be with you, though not as full-on during heavy-work times, then BONZA, DUDE - you got yerself a hot philipino chick (again). Man, you need a hug, dude. It'll have to wait til Christmas, but it'll arrive. Till then, best of luck, dude. Hope this reply arrives in time! And hope you had a cool time in the holy land (Yorkshire). Hasta Luego, Wash, Bilbao!