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parent: If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this

Re: If you're annoyed, what am I? Please read all of this by [no name] on 2001-11-21 11:13:51

OK, my man. The advice youve been waiting for, that of the little italian, no.8 - I think youre gunna have to play games, dude. Just a thought, but try this: Tell her that youve tried, and tried, but you cant handle being just friends. Give her an ultimatum-thingy. Tell her if she loves you enough, she will be able to find time to be with you, and you will understandly ease off to give her time to do all that work-stuff. Do you really want her as just a friend. If its going to cause you so much misery, maybe its better to not. If she says: "Oau-Kuay, ricoau, boiy boiy" then sadly for you, you will have to accept the fact that she doesnt feel as strongly about you as you do about her. In this case, its best to walk away, find another flavour of ice cream, grab a spoon, and keep fishing. If, however, she agrees to be with you, though not as full-on during heavy-work times, then BONZA, DUDE - you got yerself a hot philipino chick (again). Man, you need a hug, dude. It'll have to wait til Christmas, but it'll arrive. Till then, best of luck, dude. Hope this reply arrives in time! And hope you had a cool time in the holy land (Yorkshire). Hasta Luego, Wash, Bilbao!

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