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parent: I'm Back and I Love Wash

Re: I'm Back and I need a Wash by Wash! on 2001-12-09 14:55:18

Its been a long day, doing nothing, yet with so much to do! I often find these are the days when I miss you guys most, and maybe more so the people like little Lele in Udine (see above), knowing that I wont be seeing them in 1 week. Its 10:50pm and Im starting an extended essay for the end of the week. Depressing or what. The good news is its on a subject which really interests me. Vous me manquez! Wash! Oh, by the way, I held a phone conversation with a Spanish nun today. Ive never learned the lingo, and I managed to ask and understand perfectly the praying spaniard. Impressed (and shocked) a few spectating spanish chicks. In 1 week, last orders in the Hyde Park, Bradley Road! All invited! Ch-oau!

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